/  Rethinking global city effect towards advanced urban regeneration 



TBAM foster holistic approach across disciplines at interface recent urbanization processes and todays transition society.



Teaching, Contribution and Visiting Critic.

Barcelona E / Trier D / Münster D / Zwolle NL

Ort vs. Unort, Suunnitelmat suomeksi, Un-Built, Trojans Garden


Advanced concepts for digital knowledge society / ECOC Turku

Shortlist transitioncitynow Innovation Hub CPH / Copenhagen

Nomination German Academy Villa Massimo / Rome


Behnisch & Partner Büro Innenstadt / Lübeck

VPI Virginia Tech.

Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, VA


Münster School of Architecture Münster, NW





/ TBAM Work Environment COVID-19 Safety


TBAM is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of staff and the community at large. Therefore, we require all employees to provide proof of full vaccination for the prevention of COVID-19 at the time of hiring. Full vaccination is defined on basis according NW-State and German Law. 


# TBAM Oppotunities 2025



# Project Architects / Spring 2025


We are currently seeking project architects with a minimum project experience of 3-5 years after graduation and for a variety of projects.

Applicants must have the ability leading the project management of complex, high value projects and be able to demonstrate excellent design, detailing, specification and communication skills. Knowledge of autocad is preferable but not essential. Salary dependent on skills and experience.

We are looking for optimistic inspired people, enthusiastic for future-oriented concept architecture with holistic approach.



# Trainee Internship / Spring 2025



TBAM - Landing pad for global Talent


A century ago after start of BAUHAUS, follow-up HfG Ulm Hochschule für Gestaltung and modernist TEAM X. we encourage open new chapter and transform relevant design issues in todays contemporary framework.

TBAM transition neighborhood as innovative regional accelerator provide urban solutions on some of most visionary partners from Scandinavia, Central Europe, The Americas and India towards advanced circular economy.

Aligned with 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals results provide scalable solutions on climate change and clean air in metropolitan and urban neighborhood environments.

Our platform approach cultivate open-mindset attitude as core strategy in climate positive living work environments with global outreach.

During trainee period you will be working with both the competition- and project unit and gain an insight into the whole spectrum of the profession. You will be working with 3d modelling, 3d plotting and can expect periods with varying assignments.


Internships have a minimum period of six months.


We encourage explicitely international educated talents sharing our passion for advanced architecture committed to environment, innovation and technology.


Please apply digitally, enclose cover letter, CV and work samples in pdf.format or video to


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




/ TBAM is an equal opportunity employer.